Get Your Credit Scores On The Right Track

 We Get You As Many Negative Items Removed From Your Credit Reports as Possible,                               While Helping You Build Good Standing Credit.

 Negotiate To Pay Less


It's a 50/50 shot that the creditors will settle but it definitely worth a shot!


  Collection Agencies often buy debt for pennies on the dollar, so sometimes they may be willing to settle for less than the debt owed.

Option 1

Average score increase (per collection) if you take care of a collection in the first 2 years



Paid in full


Settled for less

1Yr  2Yr  3Yr  4Yr  5Yr  6Yr  7Yr

 Collection Drop Off

High Impact

New Collections

+27 pt



What happens if you leave your collections alone?


A collection should fall off 7 years after it's added to your report, but your legal responsibility is calculated differently. (It makes you a bad pay)

If you choose to leave it alone and wait 7 years,
don’t interact with the collection agencies since that can reset the length of time that the collection gets to "legally" stay on your report.

Option 2






                         Pay in full


Only Medical Debit can be removed after you pay the full amount. 

This would definitely be a good idea  if...

You need better credit right away to take out a big loan or buy a home a

If it won’t drain your emergency fund or create financial hardship









Option 3


Business Credit

If your business is already established or if your a new business, MBM is becoming the "go to" for all your business credit needs.

What you need to know about COVID_19 Stimulus Money

Trump signs a proposal to Corona-virus stimulus bill: Negotiators close on a nearly $2 trillion virus aid package 

Home Buyers


Enroll in our home buyers program to get yourself "credit ready" to purchase your dream home. This program comes with a realtor dedicated to get you into your new home.


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