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 Our Goal Is To Get  As Many Negative Items Removed From Your Credit Reports as Possible, While Helping You Build Good Standing Credit.

Any credit score that is lower than 650 is considered to be bad.

             Here are ways a bad credit score can hinder you:

Poor                             Bad                Fair                        Good                    Very Good          Excellent

What is a bad credit score?                400 to 650

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rate on a car

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Credit Disputing

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How do I remove derogatory marks from my credit report?

You can remove derogatory marks from your credit report by disputing inaccuracies with the credit bureaus. 

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MBM has partnered with multiple organizations' that are geared toward helping hard working people build or re- build their credit regardless of credit score or income. 

The days have long passed where you need to plea with a bank for a secured credit card.