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Whatever claims of deductible items you see here or in other publications, remember, they are never promises or guarantees that the items listed are all deductible.  There are many variables involved in determining which ones will be accepted by the IRS and which ones will not.  Please make sure you check with a professional tax preparer.
Sometime you just can't collect all the information you need to file your taxes on time.  We can help you get the time you need by filing an extension for you. 
Specializes in preparing OTR driver tax returns throughout the US.  We work tirelessly to help keep your money in your pocket.

Specializing in Tax Prep For Trucker's


Certified e-file tax professionals ready to help you get your highest amounts back! Ask us about the new tax credits!

Now offering virtual tax prep. appointments! 



Collect all your information

Below is a list of information that you will need to fill out our convenient and easy-to-fill out forms.  The more you prepare, the easier these forms will be for you.

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Transfer All Information

We have created a Tax Organizer which is a single document that when combined with copies of your previous year's tax returns, 1099s or W2s, will contain all the information we need to process your taxes.  When you complete the Tax Organizer, all you need do is press submit and we will receive it instantaneously in our email, as will you, so you will have a copy for your records.  


We Process Your Return

The first question you will want answered is how long will this take.   We really hate saying it depends, but it actually will depend upon when you give it to us and if the information you give us is complete.  So, the earlier you give it to us and the more complete the information is, the sooner it will get done.  Remember that your electronic logs will not be kept forever.  At some point, you must ask for copies for your records.


Thanks for choosing us.  And, we would love to hear from you.  While we love to have testimonials, we learn more when you take the time to mention where we can improve.  When you complain you help the next driver, so pass it on.

  • Per Diem

  • Deductible Items

  • Bank Information

  • Personal Tax Information

  • Mandatory Affordable Healthcare Act Questions for prior years only

  • 1099 or W2

  • Previous years tax return

  • Personal information

  • Truck Information

  • Nights in Truck, Days returning home & days off