Lines of Credit for individuals with bad                           Credit "No Credit Check"

I will share a secret with you that will bring down your utilization "which makes up 30% of your credit score" in as little as 45 days! I use this trick all of the time with my clients and it never fails how impressed they are once they see there score take a huge jump from this trick!


 Having a low credit score can really add some major limitations to your life. You want to buy that new home but your credit report has so much junk in it, from missed payments, to that credit card that got charged off when you had to go out of work on maternity leave, "or any other life" situation that may of happened that caused you to suddenly be limited on cash .

The bottom line is that you have somehow found yourself dealing with a very negative credit report. Whether the problem is not that you have bad debt but maybe you just have so much credit card debt that it would take you months or maybe even years to pay down that mountain of debt and meanwhile your credit utilization score has sky rocketed well above the recommended 30% range.

Wouldn't you like to have a $5,000 line of credit show up on your credit report an drop your credit utilization? Or maybe even a $1,500 line of credit to help you get your credit score back to what it ust to be?

What if i told you that if a high credit utilization is affecting your credit score by bringing it down or either keeping it at a stand still, I can get you guaranteed approval on up to $14,000 in lines of credit! No longer do you have to take the months or even in some cases years to pay down your credit cards before you can see a better score and i am sharing this information for free because my hearts desire is to help as many people who will listen and take this good advice , apply it to there situation and watch it work for them!

Certified Reviews

Tina at MBM has helped me tremendously with my credit scores, not only did she walk me through the process but she took her time and educated me on how credit works and i am forever grateful she had taught me was priceless. And guess what, I now have 21,500 in credit reporting to the credit bureaus each month and my credit score keeps climbing the latter!! Almost at 780! Thanks, MBM 

                  Louise H, Indianapolis IN

I was in a rut! Milam Business Management got me out! Bottom line. Forever Grateful

 Jim B, Dallas, TX

After cosigning for my sister to purchase a new car and having her default on the loan left me in a bad place. I had always had excellent credit! After being refereed by a friend i reached out to Tina Milam and she worked things out with the lender to where they released me from liability of the loan and restored my credit back to its original standing! I can't stop smiling and i have been referring her services every since! 

                   Sgt. Samuel's,                     Fayetteville, NC