Vendors That Will Help You Build Business Credit


Grainger offers a large variety of products for

businesses, including tools, plumbing

supplies, and safety equipment. They also

offer office and janitorial supplies. There is a

very wide variety of merchandise offered,

so you should be able to find something your

business needs.

Signing up for a Grainger account is free and

easy. You can create your online account to

store shipping and invoicing details, but you’ll

need to call  800-GRAINGER(472-4643) to set

up your line of credit. This is considered one

of the easiest vendor accounts to get.

Summa Office Supplies

Another great net-30 vendor who reports to

credit bureaus is Summa Office Supplies,

where you can shop for paper, folders,

envelopes, labels, and any other office supplies your company might need.

The great thing about Summa is that they offer credit for both new and well-established businesses,  and they’ll provide written trade credit references upon request. Pay your bill on time and then you can request larger credit lines.

To open your line of credit, fill out this application and put the code SOSNAV in the referral code field.



Another place to get office supplies online, from printer ink to pens, is Quill.  When you set up your account you will be asked to fill out a profile that describes your business, including the year the business was started and the industry in which you operate. (Don’t be discouraged if your business is young; newer entrepreneurs often report success getting a Quill account.) 

Once you find what you want to buy, add it to your cart. Proceed toward checkout and you’ll see a payment option called “invoice my account.” If approved, you’ll get net-30 terms on your invoice. According to Quill, approval can take 1-2 hours during business hours, or up to a business day if you apply outside normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

Similar to the other two vendors mentioned here, you don’t need to provide a Social Security number. Quill will verify your business address before extending terms. Again, most business owners who have properly set up their businesses should find it to be an easy process.


Uline also offers a wide variety of products your business may need including shipping boxes, office furniture and supplies, food service packaging and kitchen supplies, and more. To qualify for a line of credit with Uline, you’ll need to first apply here.

Once you’re approved, just shop for supplies your business needs, then at checkout, choose net-30 billing as your payment option. 

Pay on time or even make an early payment and you’ll have another credit-building account under your belt. Like Grainger, this account is considered quite easy to get. You don’t need to submit your Social Security number and your personal credit scores won’t be checked.

      Build Business Credit Faster

*You get free access to your business credit reports and scores when you sign up for a free Nav account. Checking won't hurt your credit scores.

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