Credit Builder Card

Repairing and Re-building credit takes time and I would highly encourage you that you start building positive, primary trade lines as soon as I begin working with you. Otherwise, I could have all the negative items removed  from your credit report and they could suddenly have no credit score at all, If you do not already have established positive accounts going then Self Lender Is the way!

Building positive credit at the same time as negative items are being removed ensures you see the best results. 

Credit builder card offers secured credit cards to people with bad or no credit and this is vital to getting your credit score up.There is NO CREDIT NEEDED! If your really serious about obtaining a good credit score and you don't have any Trade Lines (lines of credit) reporting on your credit report then getting one or two credit cards are strongly recommend by me Tina Milam. Credit repair is only the first step to getting a good credit score, you have to get good positive credit reporting and that is the second most important key that will ensure that we get your credit score exactly where we want it to be.

Understanding Building Positive Lines of Credit

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