Once you have had your free consultation and have decided that our services are right with you.

1. Choose your service plan.

2. Shortly afterwards you will receive an email link to access the client portal and you will choose your own personal password. 

3. From the client portal is where you will upload your two forms of ID and enter your credit monitoring service login credentials. (as we need two forms of ID to dispute on your behalf) *social security card or number not required

4. Within 48 hours of sign up you will be able to login to the client portal and view all accounts that are being disputed, view your credit scores, send us  a personal message, get free credit education and much more!


5. Dispute rounds are sent out within 72 hours of sign up!






We have found that by disputing certain accounts before others, the result can be more deletions in a shorter amount of time. We have found that if we dispute too many, the bureaus will dismiss the dispute as "frivolous." 


After the bureaus investigate, they will send you an updated credit report within 30-40 days. 

We ask that you to forward all credit reports and any letters that you receive from the credit bureaus, collectors, or creditors. When we receive the information, we will update your file and dispute again.

Client Portal Reminder

The client tracking portal is your main way of tracking your credit restoration progress after your first dispute rounds go out. With this portal, you can see what accounts we are disputing on your behalf. You can also see your credit scores, send us messages, documents, and referrals. The client portal login credentials are sensitive, so make sure you type in the information as presented in the email.

As soon as you receive updates, please do the following steps:

1. Scan in your reports and send them through the client portal.
2. Log into your online client portal. (login information is case sensitive)
3. Find the tab that states ‘Documents’.
4. Upload the updates and send.
5. You can also fax them to us.(check for our fax number at the end of this email)

It’s important that you send your updates right away so that we can continue working on your credit reports. If you delay in sending your reports, it will delay the credit repair process. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this e-mail or your case, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to be of assistance!

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