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Full Credit Report Document Processing

This plan includes all Collections, Charge-Offs, Closed Negative Accounts, Inquiries, Repo's, Student Loan, Late Payments, Old Addresses,and Old Phone Numbers. Judgments, & Liens. We will fight on your behalf to get these negative accounts removed from your credit report. This plan also includes our credit building program where we will help you to rebuild your credit by getting you approved for new lines of credit from our trusted companies that report to all 3 credit bureaus monthly!

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There is a monthly processing fee of $99.99 that will be charged monthly to offset the price of notarizing documents and shipping through certified mail and document processing. *Cancel at any time buy simply visiting our website and clicking on the unsubscribe button


This plan dispute's all Bankruptcy's, Collections, Charge-Offs, Closed Negative Accounts, Inquiries, Repo's, Student Loan, Late Payments, Old Addresses,and Old Phone Numbers. Judgments, & Liens.

Bankruptcy keeping you from moving on with your life?

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

  •  What most people do not know is that Bankruptcy information is not reported to the credit by the courts. Bankruptcy information is reported by 3rd party companies such as LexisNexis, Corelogic, Credco, and that is just to name a few companies who go around the courts to gain your "public information" and make money off of selling this information to the credit bureaus. This ungodly act leaves so much room for errors to be made and we are the ones who will diligently sniff out those errors and launch a dispute to get the item deleted from your credit reports for good!

Don't care to make monthly     payments?

Sign Up here for our one time fee plan and you will  be paid in full for 120 days! That's 3 rounds of service for $279.99 (in most cases the credit is completely restored by the end of the 120 days of service)

Credit Building Program "Free"

Need Credit? Credit Cards, Personal loans, New Business Loans, Lines of credit? We do all of this for you!

Is your credit score just sitting there? Not enough revolving credit? Then our credit building program will get you on the move to

a better credit score in less than 45 days.This plan is for clients who do not have any negative

items reporting on there credit report but there credit score just seems to be at a stand still. We will do a full evaluation of your credit reports and come up with a game plan that will get your credit scores back on the rise.

Antonio Williams reviewed I Clean Credit — 5 star

Yesterday at 9:29 AM · 

Ms.Tina has totally cleaned my credit and every since I’ve been seeing it raise more and more to the point where companies send me pre-approved credits in the mail. I was even able to apply for a major credit card and got approved for a $10,000 credit limit . 
Her work is amazing and her prices are affordable.

Ellandria Stubbs

June 30

So we finally closed on our home June 28, 2018. This was the 2nd home we put a contract on. The 1st home deal fell through after the wife refused to sell. But we did not let that deter us. We found this home and closed in 20 days. No crazy down payment, 3.89 interest. We only had to put down $2000 deposit and $2780 in closing cost. We had a few things on our credit. Tina helped to clear those up. We were told to make double payments on all charge accounts but not to use them. It was all worth the wait and headache. Tina, I hope God keeps shining down on you bc you are truly a blessing.